Ripple Generator für Tests nach LV123 / MBN 11123 / VW80300 / ISO 21498-2:2021


Key features:

  • System components:
    Ripple Generator (Switchmode Power Amplifier + Coupling Network)
    Shield Box (LISN, "artificial network")
    Q2/2022: Ripple System Controller feat.
    o automatic (narrowband, closed-loop) DUT ripple voltage or DUT ripple current control
    o parallel operation of up to 6 Ripple Generators (up to 720 App / 1200 App)
  • Very high Ripple Output Current: 120 App / 200 App (selectable; single unit)
  • Very high Ripple Output Power: 4 kVArms (single unit).
  • Very high Ripple Output Voltage: 350 Vpp (@ 120 A setting) / 170 Vpp (@ 200 A
  • Scalability: Virtually unlimited parallel operation of Ripple Generators in
    customized setups; currently most popular typical customer setups are 3 x 200 App
  • Frequency range: 150 Hz -250 kHz; no range switching required
  • Non-invasive parallel ripple injection
  • Supported DC voltages: 0 to 1200 V
  • Shield Box max. DC current: 1200 A
  • Interface / Connectivity: RS485 or LAN, simple ASCII based protocol (AK), easy
    integration into any test stand automation system
  • By far most energy efficient (only single 230 V 16 A 1~ outlet required for >600App system) available
  • By far most lightweight, small and portable (Ripple Generator 600 App: <120 kg, Shield Box 1200 V / 1200 A: <60 kg) system in market
  • Rugged: Protected against all kinds of DUT failure (even under under full DUT load)
  • Field proven performance in the most demanding applications (high power axle- / inverter and Power-HIL test stands, not only simple HV vehicle battery testing)
    Customer references available on request




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